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Complete Surrender

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Hey Cultivator!

Walking along side others in their brokenness helps you to see your brokenness in areas you may not have noticed. As you lift them up, you find that Christ lifts you up. You find that as you "GO build", You are strengthened, encouraged, constantly filled to overflow & slowly being restored in the process.


I'm reminded every second that the only thing that matters is my relationship with Christ, because it's in that one relationship or lack of, that structures every other relationship I build. I am truly nothing without it, nothing of substance & efficiency anyway; which I'm learning through the process of complete surrender.

I once thought that submission and surrender were all one in the same. The more I cling to Christ, I've been shown that that is furthest from the truth. I had submit my life to Christ, but not fully surrendered. They can look the same on the outside but feel totally different to the people involved. See, I had not fully released my personal expectations and surrendered to Christ plan, surrendering to His navigation and allowing Him to take my hand and lead me. See I gave him my life, I walk in His Word (perfectly imperfect), praise him, fast, pray and all that good stuff, but I didn't release my driving and directing to trust His navigation and leadership for me. See, when you submit, you “give in,” keeping the focus on yourself. When you surrender, you “give up,” putting the focus where it belongs: on God.

I admit, this journey is no walk in the park. It's difficult, it's trying & confusing at times; yet it stretches and pulls you outside of yourself to where you see, feel & know that not even your journey is your own. After total submission & complete surrender, self is removed and you find yourself grateful that God chose you to even be a part of His plan. You begin to be grateful for what you do have instead of complaining or idolizing what you do not.


As life humble you down and you feel you're at your weakest, is when your character evolves and true transformation takes place. Life teaches you to press pause & learn the "power" behind the pause. Your questions of "God Why?" slowly turn into "How?" And it's in that small yet great shift that you learn to walk along side others in love being your bold, authentic self. You realize that you were actually created to create, to connect, to uplift, to build, to influence, to be set apart yet to "GO" do your part. You'll notice that every obstacle, trial & painful experience was/is purposeful. You'll come to the conclusion that your brokenness is really a blessing in disguise once you truly surrender to Christ. That conclusion will confirm that you are indeed cultivate to flourish in purpose. Your purpose Flourish, Dominik

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