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Dear Queen, Dig Deep!


Hey Fellow Cultivator,

How are you Growing?

I hope you know that you are ROYALTY!

Every Queen should take time to cultivate the Princess within. It's a work, a dig that's uncomfortable at first, necessary. Like growing a tree or a beautiful flower, Growth takes work. A work that involves us to dig deep. It requires us to get extra tools that we otherwise would not use. And well, to flourish after growth takes digging even deeper.

It's a dig that is not by popular demand. It's not glamorous, nor is it comfortable. It's a dig that involves time, space, patience, forgiveness and grace.

It's a digging that requires uprooting the things, habits, spaces and people that are not nourishment.

Some may be watering you, however, if you're being drowned by the watering, it's not healthy and will actually do you more harm than good. Plants die due to over watering. That's a sign of neglect covered by "good intentions."

Today, look at the garden of your life and ask yourself these questions...

1. What is not nourishment in my life? (What's choking, robbing and holding me back from fully flourishing?

2. What habits, spaces and people am I allowing to over nourish me without providing healthy balance?

3. What tools do I need to uproot the weeds in life.

Take some time to meditate and journal on these questions.

There is a cultivator within you that wants to see you growing, healing and flourishing!

Feel free to undress, release and BE in the comments.

Are you ready Cultivator?

Grow Girl and Flourish



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