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with a dream about trees. 

The  Encouragement  Catalyst


           I am the award-winning author of Echoes of Encouragement: A 40 Day Journey Through The Echoes Of God's Word. I'm a mother. Journal hoarder. Educator. Roller Skater lover. Water watcher who sits and watches waterfalls and waves for hours. I use my gift of encouragement to do life alongside women by sowing seeds they can flourish with. For more than a decade, I have served communities through non-traditional avenues by creative and distinctive gifts. However, If I can be transparent, I haven't always been this way. As a child, I endured verbal and sexual abuse, which left me emotionally broken, lacking confidence and the words to encourage myself, much less others. For years I used my words to belittle, hurt, ridicule, and attempt to make others feel the pain I buried deep within. My mind and words became my best friends and my worst enemies. I fed myself and others negative conversations and walked in those words as if they were my identity.

I remember crying out to God and telling him that if He changed my life, I would speak life and use my words to encourage, build up, and cultivate those who are broken, hurt, and feel like death is better than life. I now live so that my life is reflected through Proverbs 3:18. To think it all started with a dream about trees, ( Yes God still provides vision through dreams).

      All while pursuing purpose, I completed my studies in college, completed coaching certification, and served on multiple non-profit boards. While studying the Word during periods of fasting, I began to have vivid, consistent dreams and visions and God began to show me scriptures in the bible referencing the Cedars of Lebanon. This is so symbolic and divine to what he has given me concerning Cedar Connections. The Cedars of Lebanon are considered to be the first of trees and are known as the Cedars of God. It is described as strong, durable, graceful, beautiful,  high, tall, and spreads wide. It was known as the king of trees in biblical areas. It is known for the firmness of its roots. The cedar has been used for healing, purification, and promoting positive thoughts. God began to show me how women, including myself, represent the Cedar tree. Being rooted in Christ, nourished by Holy Spirit, and cultivated by God is the foundation to growing and flourishing while connecting with other trees (women) and creating transformative experiences for them to do the same. The dream, the gift, the mission, is so much bigger than I. As I encourage you while walking out purpose and vision in this garden we call life, be rooted in God, and let everything you do grow from it. 

 I am so excited to grow with you! As a Kingdom Entrepreneur, I'm dedicated to making my business God's Business. Birthing

alongside Holy Spirit, I am the Founder of Cedar Connections, a movement that creates transformative experiences and

provides products that cultivate faith and encourage women to heal, connect with themselves, and flourish in their spirit, body, and mind. Does this sound like you? As the creator of Cedar Echoes of Encouragement, I'm dedicated to cultivating and doing life with women through the simple, yet overlooked gift of encouragement. 

You ready Girl, Let's GROW!


 Dominik Primus 


"She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her; those who hold her are called blessed." 


There's space for you to be planted and rooted.



“Our words have power. They impact others, but they also impact us.” — Michael Hyatt

Let's Cultivate

Cultivation transpires when we use our testimony to speak words that uplift, encourage, and nourish the lives of others. A person’s words can be life-giving water-the very nourishment needed to help another grow, heal and flourish in this garden we call life. Cedar Connections would love to assist you in your vision by speaking echoes of encouragement at your next event. If you desire a compelling, action-oriented speaker who has dynamic energy, authentic delivery, and an encouraging presence that will cultivate your audience and add power and positivity to your next event; consider connecting today. Speaking engagements prices do vary and are based upon the need and other specifications of your event. Click on Cedar Cultivations for more details.

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