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Truth is..Men Need Encouragement too!

Men need encouragement, Godly wisdom and hope today more than ever. While the world tends to tell men to hide their emotions and act tough, God's Word is filled with men who passionately and whole-heartedly sought God with their heart, mind and soul!

God has a special calling for men to be strong, courageous leaders, and these boxes can provide the inspiration a man NEEDS to make daily steps towards His calling.

We've taken every day items for men and connected them to who God say He is through encouragement. Not each box is the same. Every tool in the box is intentional and can be used in the physical and to build him up in the spiritual.

Dear King Box

  • It's The Gift That Keeps Giving…

    Each Box Includes(Related to Box Theme):

    5-7 Lifestyle items (Items such as but not limited to Tie, Socks, Cologne, Men's Lotion, Phrased T-shirt, Coffee Mug, Men's Devotional, Leather Journal,  Etc.)

    14-17 Seeds of Encouragement

    3 Encouragement tools to Cultivate YOU

    7-10 Encouragement Cards

    1 Snack

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