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​​​Cedar Echoes of Encouragement boxes cultivate faith, encourage healing, and create intimate experiences to grow and flourish. Many desires a personal relationship with God and themselves, however, have no idea of where to start. Cedar Echoes of Encouragement are the Echoes of God’s Word that encourages in all seasons of life. They provide support, hope, and confidence in times we need it the most, yet cannot mustard up the words to encourage ourselves.


It's The Gift That Keeps Giving…

It’s the support, hope and Godfidence needed to grow faith, and cultivate a healthy relationship with one’s self. 


"Season's Change" Box

SKU: 217537123517253
  • Each Box Includes(Related to Box Theme):

    5-7 Lifestyle items (Items such as but not limited to Candle,Phrased T-shirt, Jewelry, Tote, Local Business Items, Mug, Journal, Prayer cards, Etc.)

    14-17 Seeds of Encouragement

    3 Interactive Encouragement tools to Cultivate YOU

    7-10 Encouragement Cards

    1 Snack

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